2017-2018 Schedule

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8th                  Marching Band 4-6pmeach Thursday
15th                Marching Band
22nd               Marching Band
29nd               Marching Band
6th                  Marching Band
13th                Marching Band
20th                Marching Band
28th                Marching Band Camp   4-6pm
29th                Marching Band Camp 9-4pm
31st                Marching Band Camp 4-7pm
1st                 Marching Band Camp All-Day  8:30 AM -8:30 PM
2nd                Marching Band Camp All-Day

3rd                 Marching Band Camp All-Day

4th                 Marching Band Camp All-Day
7th                 Marching Band Camp All-Day  (Full Band)
8th                 Marcing Band Camp 4-6pm/Booster's Meeting6:30pm
9th                  Marching Band Camp 4-6pm
10th                Marching Band 
11th                Marching Band
14th                Full Band  3:30 - 5PM
15th                Full Band
17th               Full Band
18th              Burke@Cross
21st           No School
22nd              Full Band
24th              Full Band
25th             First Baptist @ Burke
28th              Full Band (fruit forms issed)
29th              Full Band
31st              Full Band
2nd                Citadel Opener @6pm
7th                Full Band
8th                Burke@Stall

11-12            Full Band

14th              Full Band
15th              Burke @ Lake Marion
18-19            Full Band
21st              Full Band
22nd                  TBA
25-26                 Full Band
28th                   Full Band             
29th             Garrett @ Burke
2-3               Full Band
5th               Full Band
6th               Woodland @ Burke
7th            NC A&T Homecoming/Dillon Classic
9-10th             Full Band/Booster's Meeting(Tues)630pm
12th            Full Band
13th           Burke @ North Charleston

13-15th                  FAMU Homecoming/TBA


18-19         Full Band
20th          Academic Magnet @ Burke (Homecoming)

21st           Band Activity

22nd          Band Activity
23-24         Full Band
26th           Full Band
27th          Whale Branch @ Burke
28th          SC State Homecoming
30-31st        Full Band/TBA
 1st               Full Band
 2nd              Full Band
 6-7th            Full Band/Booster Meeting 630pm
 9th               Full Band
 10th             TBA
 13th             Full Band/Fruit Money/Orders Due

 16th             Full Band


 27th/30th                 Full Band
2nd                   District Auditions
3rd                    Downtown Christmas Parade

4th                                 Full Band


7th                                Full Band
8th                                Fruit Truck Arrives
9th                                Awendaw Christmas Parade
10th                               Mt. Pleasant Parade
11th                               Full Band
12th                               Booster Meeting 630pm
14th                               11th Educator's Concert 7pm
29th                               Band Practice /Parade prep
January 2018
1st                                Emancipation Parade 11am
4th                                Full Band
6th                     Band Clinic
8th                    Concert Band
9th                    Booster Meeting 630 pm

11th                      Marching Band

13th                      TBA/Marathon Run
15th                       ML King Parade
20th                       Region Band Auditions
27th                       All-State Auditions /Honda 

1st                      Concert Band 3:30-5pm

5,8                      Concert Band
10th                    TBA
12,15                   Concert Band
13th                     Booster Meeting 630 pm
19th                     Booster Meeting 630 pm
22nd                    Concert Band
23-24                   Region Band Clinic

26th                     Concert Band
1st                           Concert Band
3rd                                           Omega Talent Hunt
March 5,8                 Concert Band

10th                         Concert Band Clinic

12th                         Concert Band
13th                         Booster Meeting 630 pm
14th                         Early Release
15th                         Concert Band
16-18                       All-State Clinic
 20-22                      High School Concert Festival
26th                         Concert Band
29th                         Concert Tour Preparartion
30th                         No School for Students
April 1-6                   Spring Break
April 1-5                   Spring Tour
April 10                    Booster Meeting
12th                         Concert Band
16-19                       Concert Band
24th                         Progress Report
26th                         Laura Secord Secondary Visit
27-28                       Solo & Ensemble
30th                         Concert Band
3rd                           Laura Secord/TBA
7th                           Concert Band
8th                           Booster Meeting 630 pm
10th                         Concert Band
14th                         Concert Band
17th                         Spring Concert
21st                         Concert Band
28th                         No School
31st                         1/2 Day for Students
June 1                      Last Day for Students